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IRCM Fiscal Sponsorship to help victims of the war in Ukraine


Ukraine Traumatology & Orthopedic Partnership

IRCM has entered a fiscal sponsorship agreement with The Regenerative Outcomes Foundation to facilitate fundraising for a new initiative to help military and civilian victims injured as a result of the war in Ukraine.

We have established a dedicated research fund through which we can offer grants to support this important and timely effort.

Below is a list of the FDA-compliant clinical trials which The Ukraine Traumatology & Orthopedic Partnership will be conducting, and for which IRCM will be providing oversight:

IRCM Clinical Trials Oversight

• Post surgery wounds

• High-impact trauma wounds (i.e. explosions, shrapnel)

• Thermal (temperature) burns

• Flash (light/radiation) burns

• Disc-related back pain (load-bearing injury/degenerative)

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Please support this vital effort by contributing a one-time gift and/or becoming a Patient Sponsor. 100% of your donation will directly support this project.

Be a Patient Sponsor

You can cover the cost for patient screenings and assessment. The costs of treatment for a patient’s wound, burn or disc injury and all follow-up visits for one patient. All sponsorships are valid for twelve months.

Give a One-Time Gift

Support us with your one-time donation to The Regenerative Outcomes Foundation Ukraine Trauma Research Fund to help us cover up-front costs. You choose the amount, knowing your donation will help Ukraine victims.

Become Involved

Contact us if you are willing to help. There are many ways you can volunteer your time and services, or if you are a medical professional with knowledge or experience in regenerative medicine.

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