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Providing a streamlined process for new and existing clients to submit research documents for an IRB review by the IRCM


New Clients

If you are applying with the IRCM IRB for the first time, begin by contacting us at info@ircm.org. We will send you an application form regarding the nature of your study and whether it is appropriate for an IRB review by the IRCM.

If your proposed research appears suitable, you will receive an Applications Guideline form that explains the process and what is required. You may also at this point submit questions via email or set up a phone call with one of our directors, so that we can provide answers about:

  • Any unique requirements for your protocol
  • Any supporting documents you need
  • Submission fees and timelines

Once an application is submitted, along with the appropriate submission fee, new clients will be assigned a password that will enable them to access their individual portal, to review their records at any time, to upload principle and supporting documents, and to download various useful forms, documents and information resources.

Returning Clients

Returning clients who have been previously approved by the IRCM IRB will be able to enjoy a more streamlined process, with documents are already processed and stored in the client portals. Interactions with existing or returning clients will include not only new protocols submitted, but ongoing reviews and amendments to existing protocols. Fee discounts are available if existing clients submit new protocols that are similar in scope, location and staffing to previously approved protocols.


For both new and returning clients: A timeline of the IRCM IRB

Submission Date

Submissions of all documents and payments must be received one week prior to the IRCM IRB meetings, which are held on the third Wednesday of each month.

Decision Date

Applicants will be informed of the decision to approve, modify or deny the application by the IRCM Institutional Review Board (IRB) within 48 hours.

Approval Date

Official approval documents will be sent electronically within one week of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) meeting.

Online Interface

For both new and returning clients, the IRCM IRB provides an easy-to-use interface, where clients can download guidelines, upload applications and documents, and use their password-protected portals for easy access to their ongoing study documents. Client portal coming soon.

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