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Proposed Legislation Would Regulate Stem Cell Therapy Clinic Claims


(Olympia, Washington) — If proposed legislation wins approval in Olympia next week – many clinics promoting stem cell therapy will have to make it clear when the treatment they’re selling is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Right now, the only proven stem cell therapies deal with blood regeneration- treatments such as bone […]

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A&M and Celltex partner on stem cell Alzheimer’s research

Source: Houston Chronicle

(Houston, Texas) — Texas A&M University Health Science Center is partnering with the Houston company that ran into trouble with federal regulators a year after facilitating the 2011 stem cell treatment of Gov. Rick Perry’s ailing back.

Celltex Therapeutics Corp. and A&M’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine Tuesday announced an intellectual property licensing deal involving […]

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First Cow Embryonic Stem Cells Derived

Source: Science Magazine

(East Lansing, Mich.) — After decades of effort, scientists have finally managed to derive embryonic stem (ES) cells from cows and keep them in their primitive state in a dish. Access to these versatile cells, which can become all kinds of tissues, from skin to muscle to bone, could make it easier to […]

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