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To facilitate and validate regenerative and cellular medicine through collaborative and translational research, and through Institutional Review Board (IRB) certification


IRB Services for Physicians and Researchers

The IRB of The Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine (IRCM) is an Institutional Review Board that has helped guide hundreds of doctors and researchers nationwide to advance their studies with human subjects in a compliant fashion. Working closely with individual, practicing MDs, the IRCM IRB is an independent, ethical review board dedicated to the highest standards of professional conduct in regenerative medicine research.

Complete Review

The IRCM IRB conducts a complete review of your research study and protocol, making sure that it advances within an ethical and compliant framework.


The IRCM IRB brings years of experience and knowledge in compliance regulations, using a team of PhDs, MDs, patient advocates and regulatory experts.

Rapid Feedback

Using web-based technologies to interface with clients, the IRCM IRB provides rapid feedback and guidance to ensure studies are properly and compliantly designed.

“IRBs are usually daunting and a hinderance to doing research for normal clinical physicians. You guys are directly helping so many people by making this process achievable. Thank you.”

SM. Clinical Physician

We Work with Individual Physicians & Independent Researchers

If you are a physician or researcher interested in working under an IRB in order to establish safe, compliant protocols for regenerative and cellular therapies, IRCM is fully accredited and capable of working with you. Our reviews are conducted by a sophisticated board with an in-depth knowledge of regenerative medicine, from patients advocates to physicians to researchers.

Because our aim is to help and guide sponsors and investigators who wish to responsibly move regenerative medicine forward, we begin working with clients at the pre-submission stage. This allows us to determine, in advance, that final submissions will maintain patient safety and are rigorously compliant. This review of the protocol to make sure it meets criterion avoids the need for resubmissions and expedites the process.

Please call 888. 664. 8893 if you would like to discuss your proposed protocol and determine if it’s suitable for an IRB.

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